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Top Destinations 2020 | best places in the world to visit

If you could go anywhere in the word, where would it be? U.S. News & World Report had some ideas as it released its annual rankings of the best vacation destinations. Scroll through to find out the world’s best places to visit.

No. 1: Paris:The capital of France, Paris is one of the most-visited city in the world for a reason, offering world-famous sights and renowned cuisine.

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No. 2: South Island, New Zealand: Mountain ranges cover this island getaway, which features scenic views of glaciers, mountains and lakes.

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No. 3: RomeFrom the Colosseum to the Roman Forum, the sights of make this ancient city a destination for history buffs everywhere.

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No. 4: Tahiti: Tropical beaches and waterfalls make Tahiti a popular spot for a sunny vacation.

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No. 5: London: From the historic Tower of London to the gardens of Hyde Park, this royal city has something for everyone.

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No. 6: Maui: Looking for adventure? On this Hawaiian island, you can snorkel with sea turtles, fly in a helicopter or hike a volcano.

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No. 7: Bora Bora: Relax on the beach or swim with stingrays at this tropical vacation destination.

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No. 8: PhuketNot only does this Thai island have sunny beaches — it also houses the Soi Dog Foundation, a famous animal shelter dedicated to fighting the dog meat trade.

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No. 9: Grand Canyon: Enjoy the cavernous view at one of the seven natural wonders of the world at the national park in Arizona.

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No: 10: Yosemite: With 12,000 square miles of cliffs, waterfalls and millennia-old Sequoia trees, the northern California national park remains a top travel spot for nature-lovers.

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